"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Monday, July 7, 2014


Moving religious advisory is a very important way to provide knowledge and exposure the community as a clear about the laws relating to Islam. Advisory can be define by being in a capacity to provide advice or opinions. Advisory committees or similar groups also have the authority to render a decision or judgment on an issue, in addition to providing opinions. For example, an advisory committee to a board of directors may have the ability to decide whether or not certain restrictions or regulations are adequately being met. Moving religious advisory is a body that provides advice on Islamic Rulings for free. It is provided through moving service to facilitate the public people to get a easy reference. Seeing to the hustle and bustle of today's society, this service will make easier for the public to get answer for the question that abstruse them. According to this service, our organization will provide advice on the question based on Rulings of Islam comprises both of knowledge which are the knowledge through the theory and the knowledge through the practical. It means the service included the knowledge of Fiqh al-Ibadat, Fiqh al-Muamalat, Fiqh al-Jinayat, Fiqh al-Munakahat, Fiqh al-Mawarith al-Wasaya, Fiqh Mu’assaroh and Islamic Law.
            In the other hands, we also propose to establish the LGBT support and guidance center. LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. In use since the 1990s, the term is an adaptation of the initialism LGB, which itself started replacing the term gay when in reference to the LGBT community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s, as many felt the term gay community did not accurately represent all those to whom it referred.  The initialism LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of sexuality and gender identity-based cultures and is sometimes used to refer to anyone who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgender instead of exclusively to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. The main aim we want to establish support and guidance center to help those groups to change themselves back to human nature. As we know, our country is one of the fastest growing countries during this time but, we are less sensitive to the guidance center for various social problems. Thus, this support and guidance center to help them rectify themselves by giving guidance of religious knowledge, social association  and motivation.

            Due to a sense of awareness to the importance of knowledge in our life, we propose to provide a very useful service to the community. The services are Moving Religious Advisory  and LGBT support and guidance center. Firstly, Moving Religious Advisory service. Moving bring means of changing place or position. However advisory means having the power or right to make suggestions about what should be done : able to give advice. So it clearly for us, this service is one of the services in the knowledge of Islam done by twitching. Today, no doubt has a lot of advice guidance services provided but most of it was done for the purpose of profit till certain quarters who can not afford to get advice guidance services. However for our service, we provide services that do not require of any payment.
            Secondly about LGBT support and guidance center. The phrase “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community” (or “LGBT community”) refers to a broad coalition of groups that are diverse with respect to gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are found in all occupations and professions, all cultural groups, all social classes, can be of any age and live in all areas of the country. It is estimated that one in 10 of the population are lesbian or gay. But society assumes heterosexuality is the only natural and acceptable lifestyle. Many lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are forced to hide their sexuality at work because by openly coming out they risk isolation, victimisation or even dismissal.
            Nowadays people are busy discussing the issue relating about the LGBT problem. Most of them only know how to blame those who are involved with that matter but they are not trying to figure out how to handle that problem. Today, we should endeavor to find a solution on how to remedy this problem. Most of the LGBT community is desperately need help from the community for change their life’s atmosphere. But due to the repeatedly condemnation from the society, it is demoralizing them to change. Today, many questioned this issue but still have not found the best solution. Beside that, through to our service, we also providing the Moving Religious Advisory with free. It is the main service of our organization. Our advisory services covers a wide range of knowledge in the field of religion for Islamic matter. Besides that, we also implement moral values ​​to them so that they are able to contribute to the society later.

Two services that we provide to facilitate the community to gain knowledge related to problems related pertinent with Islamic Ruling or matter. We are present to assist the community either from the rich or the poor, the educated or uneducated, those with careers or non-careers. According to the challenge world nowadays, our world comes with too many social issues. Which is comprises of religion matters, family matters, Islamic law matters and social problems amongst peoples. Then we come to help and resolve it. The reasons we provide this services are:
1.    Lack of religious knowledge in today's society because firstly, the limitation to get the information about Islam. At this time, to get an advice it may require a certain amount of payment to be settled by public. Then, it will be difficult for some people who are not capable for it. Just imagine nowadays for the family consultations service, we shall pay a sum of money. Secondly, the system makes the public difficult to seek guidance and advice. Clearly our system today for getting religious advice, we must make an appointment beforehand, where will take a relatively long time. Thus, it will be difficult for people to get answers to the problems they are face. Rationally to solve this problem, we are in attendance to provide moving religious advisory with a free service, flexible service and quick service. It does not require a high cost and lot of time.
2.    Unconsciousness certain parties in helping the LGBT person. In community life today, many people only know to find other’s people fault. When one is doing evils, they consider the evil is eternal in human life. It shows the mental judgment made by person whereas Allah is a forgiving. Such assumptions leads to the LGBT hard to change because they think people will remain hate them indefinitely. Scenarios that occur in our country is those people have no place to take shelter, not same as those who are drugs addicted which has its own rehabilitation center. Then this situation will not help them to change themselves. Through the guidance center of LGBT we going to do, we will help those who want to change and get back to nature. We will guide them until they realize the exact concept of life. This guidance center also will known as a rehabilitation center for those who are involves with LGBT, to protect, support and help them to change. This guidance center will teach them about religious knowledge and worldly knowledge.

Among the objectives in conducting this services are:
Ø  Easily impart knowledge to the public to know the various tenets of Islam.
Ø  Help those who are less able to seek the social advice since these services are free.
Ø  Provide complimentary coaching to those who want to get back to nature.
Ø  To encourage public for helping each other.

In creating something new, we have to define the uniqueness of our product or service when comparing to the rest. The uniqueness of a product or service will make it is used as a reference by other. According to our services both of Moving Religious Islamic Advisory and Center of Guidance for LGBT the novelty & inventiveness of our project distinguishes with existing products is as follows:
1) Diverse services
2) Quality of service
3) Moving services a scheduled
4) Service that completely free of charge to the public
5) Service officer of exactly experts

6.1 Diverse Services
Our moving services are offers a variety of services that is certainly much needed community easily because we own that go down to provide a variety of services to help them. Our project is different from other moving services because they just offer specific services that one type of service that includes only. For example Zakat collection moving services made ​​by Lembaga Zakat, they just offering services related to zakat only.  But we offer a variety of services in one as follows:
 Legal advisory services
> Islam medical services
> Religious guidance
> Counseling services

6.2 Quality of Service
The quality of our moving services is not same as other moving services because most others are only open a few counter service causing clients have long waiting a turn. But we opened a lot of counters to ensure our service running smoothly. We also provide a comfortable place for clients waiting for their turn is has air cond.

6.3 Moving Services a Scheduled
Our program different arrangement of services with other parties in set the schedule. Our service is scheduled because services to facilitate people to know sooner our program without needing advertised many times. But the services of other parties are not scheduled sooner and will be inconvenient for people to know when they are going to do the program.

6.4 Service That Completely Free Of Charge to the Public
The purpose of our service is superior to charitable programs. The aim is to help and solve problems society especially the poor and not capable find other paid services. But most of the other private services often charge expensive for each service without regardless of their poverty. Our service is necessarily going to help the community solve many problems without worrying about the cost of the service charge.

6.5 Service Officer of Exactly Experts
We necessarily provide service officer specializing in dealing offered. For example as follows:
Volunteer lawyer - Legal advisory services
> Volunteer Islamic medical practitioners - Islam medical services
> Accredited religious teachers from ‘Majlis Agama’ - Religious guidance
> Accredited motivator - counseling services.

The following is a plan to implement the service of Moving Islamic Religious Advisory and Center of Guidance for LGBT :
Ø  Moving Islamic advisory services for Islamic matters. This service will be providing in rural areas. As what we know, the rural areas have less in sources of referring Islamic matters. The scope covering under this service are Fiqh al-Ibadat, Fiqh al-Muamalat, Fiqh al-Jinayat, Fiqh al-Munakahat, Fiqh al-Mawarith al-Wasaya, Fiqh Mu’assaroh and Islamic Law. Some places will be selected to assist them in solving their problems. Moving service here means advisory service done periodically by using the bus. Inside the bus we will provide some people with expertise in the field of Islam to give an explanation and free consultation advice to residents. This service will be operated according to the office hour.
Ø  Guidance service for those who were involved in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activities. This center provide free guidance which is performed like a camp. This camp will be conducted in several periods and includes several disciplines to be taught to those who want to change. Several disciplines to be taught comprises of religious knowledge, social association  and motivation. The trainees will be trained according to the schedule fixed by our organization slanting more on the important knowledge for the life of a man. This guidance centers will also keep abreast with the trainees after completion of the remedial training. So through this way, we will be able continue to provide the knowledge to them and be able to help them ongoing of change. These people fall into the LGBT activities because of the lackness of religious knowledge. In fact, through this guidance center we will give enough exposure and adequate basis related to the religion knowledge. We will do this camp by attending three classes per day except on weekend. During the day, we will provide religious education classes and by night we be the social association and motivation classes.

Moving Islamic Advisory Services for Islamic Matter and LGBT Center (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender guidance service), it’s is a first program and ideas for our country. That means the program is a something new for our atmosphere, actually in Malaysia. According to that, so we have generate some plans and strategic for our future services and carry on the program for longest term. First of all, we have thinking different about to how making our culture so close and costume friendly with us? How we can reduce the blaming attitude in each of person? From that we are trying to presenting the idea about this services with may benefits and provide the guidance and explaination about the right conduct to conduct our daily life.
            The main role of our organization is to giving a free guidance service. As we know, not everyone is able and afford to get such services. So within our step to make the program like the free guidance, we can help them to enjoy this program and the same times, we can attracted many people to become our members program. Secondly, through this program, we are trying to explain the information and giving the adviser to all person who are neede. This services not for the high level people only. That means the services is not just for who are not knowledgeable but is open and accepted everyone who interested within the services.
            Other than that, the useful of this program is because until now we don’t have any guidence center in Malaysia. This is the first center or services being propose for guidance LGBT in Malaysia. So during the guidance canter of LGBT, many of them can educated by learning something and have some sprit to change and came back to the Fitrah without heard annoying and disturbing from the other side. The advantages  and the aim for our services is a giving the new life for those who want to change their life style.
            Last but not least, the useful of the services is, we can help the government or other NGOs’ to dissolve LGBT problem. That is a good atmosphere for our culture, when the other organization can  help and support the intention of government to dissolve that problem. It is like trying to explain about the current issues to the culture. For example on the current issues is about LGBT problem. So with existing our services, we can reducing the government problem to dissolve that problem. Maybe in initially, this effort brings not too high impact in our society but the most improtant thing we should help the people who are involved in this matter. Through presenting our organization’s service, the government maybe have less burden to solve the daily issues. This issue will directly reffering to us. Our role to provide explaination about the LGBT issue and we can avoid the any fake information about this issue. So with existing our service, the government easy to handle the rest issues which is relating to the daily issues and they not to be hardly burden to handle and covering all of the problems.

            LGBT in Malaysia have to control before it became serious and critical. There is several countries was accepted LGBT in their country such as Netherland, Argentina, Portugal, Canada and South Africa. Malaysia were not accepted LGBT because it is against to Shariah and human rights. Furthermore, this group was developed quickly because they were supported by some parties. In Malaysia, there is law supported to convict them who is against it. This activity also can spread a disease such as HIV/AIDS. There is no benefit or advantageous to community but it is harmful and disadvantageous.
            Therefore, the step to control and to curb this immoral activity is by establish rehabilitation center or counseling center to advise them who are involved with it and give an information to society. This is our objective because there is not existing rehabilitation center focuses on LGBT. Besides that, we are provided advice services to give awareness to people about this immoral activity. Psychology, counseling, and advice are provided.
            The main target is to attract the people that involved with this activity to get back their sense humor and leave this immoral activity. Since in Malaysia there is not many center provided this service, we came with this idea to establish it to overcome the problem before it become serious and critical. Besides that, we are provided religious and spiritual activities to give awareness to them. This is among our steps to curb the LGBT activities became serious.
            Besides that, this is an opportunity to graduated students on Shariah and Counseling to join this center because it is related to it to give an advice and talk to them about this immoral activity. As a students and teenagers, we have to approach them and talk nicely to them how to avoid this activity. Maybe they will avoid it if the advice were given with proper way. This is one of the market potentialities to students to develop their self-esteem through this center.
            Moreover, this center will develop widely if it is establish because this is the important role and place to them for get back to their normal life. It will go succeed if it is supported with government organizations. Next, government was establishing Pusat Bantuan Khidmat Sosial (PBKS) for help a transgender, prostitute, and HIV/AIDS patients. Ministry of Health cooperate with Islamic Organization of Malaysia were join venture to help this group of people. There is many benefits they got since they are realizes that they are doing a wronged things.
            So if we are getting supported with other organizations, the market potential of this center will go further. Apart from that, we are providing advice service that available to all generations of person. This advice service we will do it on tour. Since this is the first idea to generate, it will get along with a social issue that related to this issue. This rehabilitation center will accept by peoples who want the person who involved in this activity to get back their normal life.
            In this center, it is provide with complete facilities such as room, mosque, seminar room, activities room and other facilities are important to give them a comfortable places to live. This center also provided with all-learned program such as religious matters, social matters and the most important thing is self-esteem. When they are came to their normal life they have to know how to manage their life to not involve again in this activity.
            Furthermore, advice service also tells people about the awareness of LGBT. Then, society also must have consideration and kind-hearted to a people who is return back to their normal life. Normally a person who are involved in a bad activities, they were not accepted by society because of their previous life. For example a former of drug addicted, when they are repent and left their back life, they are not accepted by society because of their bad life. It has to change. Society must be alerted with this issue and this is the role of the advice service to give awareness to society to not underestimate a people without a solid presumption.
            It is the market potentialities for this service. This service is very important to a very challenging world now. The main objective of this service is to give awareness to all people about this serious problem. If we not to curb it now it will become serious problem for next day. Many outside countries were accept the LGBT activities. Of course our country will not permit it because it is against the ordinary activities. Furthermore, there is no benefits and only cause a bad effect to society such as spreading of diseases HIV/AIDS. All of us know this disease still not have a medicine to cure it. That is why this service is established because to curb this activity became more serious.
            There is important to curb it now because it will effect of our next generations of ummah who will lead this world next. We have to look further and forward because in the next generations life, it will become more challenging than now. Society also has to look forward about this to build a good and better next generation of ummah.

10.1 Moving Islamic Advisory
  • Cooperate with NGO

For moving services, we will cooperate with several non-government organizations to ensure the success of our efforts. This is because; the effort to reach out to the community is not easy. Additionally, people nowadays prefer to spend their time in front of a computer than to think the problem is happening around them. Therefore, cooperation is very important to our business running smoothly.
  •   Cooperate with government

In addition, we will also work with government agencies to make this work. Between agencies that work with us are from the department of social welfare. We will work together to track down and find these families face problems for us to solve the problem regardless of whether financial, social and so on. This agency is also responsible along with us to provide advice to people who have problems. We will try to trace these families even to the rural area.
  •          Cooperate with community

We will also cooperate with the local community that will be the eyes and head us to identify families who are having problems. Besides, relief goods needs of the community are also very welcome to contribute to the family that has a problem. It’s a bit much to ease the burden of even the meager contribution.
  •           Cooperate with representative

We will also cooperate with representatives in each area so that they can go to the ground to listen for themselves the problems faced by the community. In addition, we will also apply some financial contribution from them to give to the less fortunate. At the same time, they have the opportunity to mingle with the community and evaluate the effectiveness of the community they lead them. It is one way for us to attract people to join our program.

10.2 Guidance Center Of LGBT
Ø  Family institution.
The parents who have children with problems will be given counseling to prevent them from feeling depressed. Usually, parents are the first group to come under pressure from their children to a cultural change in which LGBT 'vicarious stigma' will make them feel that their children are going through discrimination, verbal abuse and possible physical attacks. Meanwhile, they will experience public stigma when a family member is pressed to feel they are responsible for causing their children to be gay. Parents of gays and lesbians have to face the stress that comes from many angles whether religious, social and legal social world based on moral values. We will cooperate with other non-government agencies (NGO) to collect the fund and we will go through to the community to explain about this problem. At the same time, we will try to find the family that have this problem and we will be given counseling to them and support them. 
Ø  Community.
Most people in Malaysia are not concerned about these LGBT problems. Therefore, we plan to hold anti-LGBT campaign in every state. But it also depends on the funds we have. At the same time, we will distribute funds to community fundraising to help us to continue this campaign in areas other. If our campaign is successful, we will work to open a consultation on the community who want to learn more about the LGBT problem. We will try to get support from representatives in the area because it will help us in case of any unwanted problems.
Ø  Government.
We will make some discussion with government agencies will be held to ensure that the problem is being taken seriously to avoid this problem continues unabated. Government agencies, especially the broadcasting agency advised not copying Western ideology flatly that it is not necessarily correct and appropriate to the diversity of race and culture here. We will recommend that the National Social Policy reviewed to determine the extent to which the policy is to contribute in creating a progressive and resilient based on moral values ​​and to strengthen social capital. Besides that, government must take action in every situation without any bias.

In the aspect of contribution to ummah, there are a lot of programs that were provided from the moving Islamic advisory service and rehabilitation center of LGBT which are can contribute to ummah especially in aspect of education, religion, social and family.
            First and foremost, is about the education. On the education, we focusing on the teenager and adult, since their percentage of participation are the highest once. The services that we provided are gives an advice and talk session to the people to prevent them join the activities of LGBT. For instance we also deliver a talk at the corner of supermarket or others suitable place that might people can hear what are we deliver. We also launched the campaign such as anti-LGBT. This service was prepared to increase the knowledge about the jeopardy of LGBT in our society and it can create awareness to people regarding this issue. We also help the people who are involve in this matter by guiding them in order to prevent them from continuing and returning to their bad attitudes in the past. Person who wants to get our services can come to our service center. We also give free brochure about LGBT to the people who came to our service center. These brochures include many steps to prevent the activities of LGBT.
            Secondly, in the religion aspect, as we know all the religious especially Islam are prohibits their follower to involve in activities of LGBT. In the Holy Quran, there was stated in Surah al-Syu’ara verses 165- 166. 165. "Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, 166.”And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, you are a people transgressing (All limits)!" LGBT can cause of dangerous disease such as HIV/AIDS. So, as the muslim it is our obligation to remind our brotherhoods not to involve in this matter. If we remind and give the information about LGBT especially on the risk of HIV/AIDS to everyone it will reduce the percentage of people who are involved in this matter. In addition, many mosques always give reminder to people to obey Allah but not many people always going there. Most of person involve in LGBT are from Malay. Our responsibility to exchange their attitude to be real muslim who is obey to all order Allah. We also provide them a religious knowledge because the knowledge of religious is the crucial in our life as the muslim.
            Next, we are also provided the activities that contribute in social aspects. Nowadays, most of people are like to follow western cultures which are commonly showed in social media. Such as you tube, facebook, twitter and others. In Mass media such as newspaper, television, magazine also can give bad influence to citizen. As we know activities of LGBT come from western culture. Not all the western culture is bad but still has benefits. Our service is wants to produce the generation that can achieve 2020 vision. In addition, we want the society participate in this activity and to strengthen the relationship between the society and the group that involved in this matter, in order to prevent the discrimination occur between them. When people come to our center, they will know each other. People can share their problem in the center and we will always support and give the right way to solve the problem.
            Finally, in the family aspect, our target is on the leader of family which is parent. There are several problems that we found which are can contribute their children to involve in this matter.  Lack of attention and guidance of parents are the main factor that will cause their children easy to involve in activities LGBT. Nowadays parents are busy with their work and do not have much time for their children. Children always spend their fully time with their friends and media social. Based on the research, almost person who was involved in LGBT are teenagers. We will advise and give some technics to parents to be a good role model in their happy family in order to protect their descendent and dignity.


According to our service, we are providing Islamic Advisory Center of Support And Guidance which is comprises of Moving Islamic Advisory and  A Guidance Center of LGBT. These service tend to give free services to the public relating to the advisory service and guidance center to improve the public life. The main aim for this service is to giving education to those who are really needed based on Islamic knowledge. For Moving Islamic Advisory service, the knowledge providing from some of disciplinary knowledge such as, Fiqh al-Ibadat, Fiqh al-Muamalat, Fiqh al-Jinayat, Fiqh al-Munakahat, Fiqh al-Mawarith al-Wasaya, Fiqh Mu’assaroh and Islamic Law. However for Guidance Center of LGBT will be run like a camp. The participants have to attend the class as follow to the schedule provided. This class will including both of knowledge from knowledge of the world and knowledge of the ukhrawi. Both of the services play important role in our daily life to get the heaven.

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