"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Saturday, December 8, 2012


How would you describe Nasreddin Hodja? Is he intelligent? Is he likable person? Why or why not?

Nasreddin Hodja is a brave men, smart guy and intelligent. Of course he is intelligent. We can see on how he give argument when both of his friend come to his house for having a dinner. His friends was disagree with him when he said that, the candle can't warmth him when he was at outside of house during freezing condition. But both of their friend don't believe him because they want reward from Hodja to preparing a dinner. Then, Hodja accept that situation and agree to prepared a dinner. He prepared a large cooking pot hanging from the ceiling and a single candle was burning one meter below the pot. Both of his friend said that they are surely that pot will never heat by the candle. So Hodja said surely a candle that is only one meter away can heat a pot for their dinner. So from that his friends can thinking and know what is the true situation. In my opinion, Hodja is not a likable person. Why? Because if he is likable person, his friends will not challenge him to do as what he did. 

The Hodja gets in trouble when he brags to his friends, and he wishes he hadn't made a bargain with them. Why do you think he bragged to them?

Hodja bragged to them when he heard that both of his friends offered him to be their guest at a fine dinner. His friends will pay for everything.

Do you think this story is trying to teach a lesson? If yes, what do you think the lesson is?

For me, of course this story is trying to teach a lesson. The lessons from this story is, you must be a smart person in any situation mainly if someone is trying lie with you. If you be a smart person, you know on how way you can tackle a liar person to feel shy with what they do. Secondly, do not impose others. This is not valuable thing. If you trying to impose others, others will impose you too.

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