"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Great day.. It is wonderful moment for me.. As usual be a student, fully with stress time.. Stress to understand the hard subjects, stress with assignments and others.. Today make me fun!!! I walk all around the Kota Kinabalu town.. It make me really tired.. But still enjoy with that activities.. This is one way to release my tension before go to the stress zone :).. But actually for me study not very hard and not really stress.. The things make me stress when i imagine the distance of hall or class with my hostel, the foods, and facilities.. But i now as a student, you need to be hard first before you get easy.. Oh yeah, i would like to enlighten a few place that i was ramble around for today.. For today, i was walk around more on shopping mall.. Why?? Because there have a lot of something new for me.. Mainly in variety food.. 

Firstly KARAMUNSING MALL.. When i was walk around here, it remind me the moment when i was in primary and secondary school.. This shopping mall very famous with all of my family members.. We often come here, survey the home furniture and having eat.. The food provided here i think quiet delicious then others.. That for a few years ago.. Now i'm not sure about that.. For me i would like to prefer having eat at McD, KFC or Tanjung Aru beach.. This shopping mall also become huge right now.. It not same as before.. Hehehe i not be present on Kota Kinabalu town when i was further my study in higher learning.. I think it around 4 years might be..

Secondly, my destination is Putatan.. I not a familiar person to walk around here.. But my sisters and brothers often come to here for buy the groceries.. At here, nothing much special.. But it have PASAR MINGGU.. That's one of the unique of this place.. I was walk at SERVAY PUTATAN.. Just bought foods here.. Hehehehe my hobby to always chew and crunch..

Last destination i want to share is, SIGNALL HILL.. Quiet different with another place that i share with all of you.. Why?? Because this is not a shopping mall.. This is one of the highest place in Kota Kinabalu.. From the upper, you can see all around the Kota Kinabalu town.. Before this, i never know about Signall Hill.. But, when i was took for my Nature Tourist Guide Certificate, then i know about Signall Hill.. In addition too, this place is one of attraction from Kota Kinabalu.. Every tours visit to Kota Kinabalu had to come to this place..   Clearly, tours are incomplete without visit this place.. It very surprise because finally i arrived at this place..

Observation from the Signall Hill.. You can see the Kota Kinabalu town from the upper level :).. It look like :

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