"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hamdallah Tuesday is coming!! That's means a lot of rest I can have :).. Ehehehe now if i have free time, i'll open my blog!! It is not as an usually.. Before this if i have a free time, firstly i'll listen to the music then try open my blog, Facebook and so on.. Ehehehe now my blog is a medium for all of my English II assignment.. So that's why i need always open and look for everyday my blog.. It may be any comment from my beloved lecturer Teacher Sha.. Aha..

Actually i was open a few blog of my classmate.. I found they had post about our previous topic which have been discussed in class.. Argh the topic i'll never forget until my last breathe.. Hahaha.. Do you know why?? It's about "it is ok have a househusband or housedad??" Actually honestly i don't understand the topic clearly.. When we were moved to group for having discussion, i was asked my group what the topic about.. They said it is about is it ok if you live at you house dad or father in law house.. But it made me thinking for a while.. My mind started thought is it really?? I look like quiet different.. But a group member said that's true.. Then we were started our discussion.. Dup dap.. Dup Dap.. Time's up!! So we need to present it.. When the first group was made presentation, it make me confius!! Very confius.. They speak very different facts with us.. Then, i asked again to my group is it true what we had done?? They said again yes!! Ceh with higher of confident level, i raise my hand for make presentation after the first group.. When we was present it, Teacher Sha look quiet confius, blur and something wrong.. Hahahha unpredictable situation!!! Yes that's great when my group was presented wrong topic.. Then i start to felt very ashamed!!! Huhuhuh without ending our presentation, Teacher Sha asked us for sit.. Huhuhuh :(.. It's really ashamed moment for me.. Then we were sat and i started thinking.. Oh My God i'm really shy.. 

But now i learn, we never always know everything.. You need to ask if you get any confiuse!! Trying is the best way for us to get know everything.. Thus, mistake is the best medium for us to get improvement :).. 

Good try AZLAN and all of group members!! PASYAK!!!


MIERA_DAUD said... shameful moment...

Azlan Yusof Punding said...

don't mind miera.. even we was fault, that steps to getting success :)..