"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hamdallah today ALLAH gave me the biggest ni'mah as a student.. I would like to have enlighten about frase "sustenance often come".. Why?? Because all around us is a sustenance!! Actually my writing today also relate with the tittle of post.. Ehehe.. Recently hamdallah i got a lot of offer.. Before i present as a student at USIM, i got an offer about job.. What is it?? The job is Penolong Pegawai Syariah at Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia.. However this offer i was deducted it!! Now it's come for the second chance.. Yesterday i was received a message from SPA8.. It mentioned about an offer to have pre-test (writing test) of vacancy as Penolong Pegawai Hal Ehwal Islam.. Where the vacancy?? Surely, i also don't know clearly about it.. My decision?? Surely i will never accept any job at this moment.. Why?? Because, now i still need to focus on my study.. Even my spiritual for continue my study become fade, but i still need to have permanent standpoint for get finish of my First Degree.. I need renew my intention for everyday.. I enlighten a lot of things!! Ahahaha.. Actually, i don't want to talk and share about this matter with spending a lot of words and time.. 

Now i'm in confusing mood.. Why?? Huhuhuh it's about my scholarship.. It is great but why need a confusing mood right?? Ehehe now i got two offer for my scholarship.. It is from :


Now i need to make choice both of it.. Each of it have pros and cons.. I'm really confius :(.. JPA Sabah scholarship great.. It's contract, if i finished my study, i need to work with sabah government.. So that's means no need for me to go far away from my beloved state :).. However scholarship amount is RM7530 only per year.. But for JPA Federation, i'll get around RM10000+ per year.. Wow it's great!! It make me become rich guy!! Hahahaha... However when i finished my study, i need to work with the federation.. They can transfer me as far as they want.. However it still in Malaysia laa... That's means my destiny always become apart from my family :(.. But in another side of work, federation have a lot of benefits compare with state.. I need, i had to thinking it first.. Erm now the time for me to have a great conversation with my creature.. Who's that?? ALLAH AZZA WAJALLAH.. Ya RABB give me the best way.. Make my heart become easy to make a decision of it.. To everyone who have any suggestion or advice, leave your comment :).. Thanks everyone for spending your time read my post!!!

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