"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Friday, October 19, 2012


Today is a great day for me!! It's really make me happy!! Why?? Because a lot of job i got finish it!! Ehehe good achievement.. Even my time is very packed for today, but it's still great moment.. What kind of busy i am??  Ehehehe.. Today my class started on 10 am.. So that's great time for me to spent time for having sleep =).. That's my hobby.. If i have free time, i would like to sleep, eat and listen to the music.. Hahaha.. Non-benefit things!! But for me even it's have less of benefit, i don't care.. Most important for me if that thing can make me happy and feeling free, i will do it.. As far as that thing not stupid thing.. Erm!! Actually today i was spent a lot of my time went to shopping!!!! Beside that, i finished my questionnaire about Hubungan Etnik.. The itinerary of my hole life today is :

Firstly i woke up and went to class on 9 am.. That for Arabic class.. Then my class continuously!! Very hard moment!! After Arabic 1, we continued it to Arabic 2, then continued it with English 2, then continued it with discussion of Hubungan Etnik questionnaire.. How many then la?? Eheheh.. Today i prayed late for Zohor.. I prayed on 3 pm.. Can u imagine how busy i am?? Kekeke just act as a busy men.. 

After prayed, i back to hostel.. In my journey, my mind thought that's today is suitable day for me to have shopping for all of my family members (as a present for them)!! On 3.30pm, i invited Radhi and Hafiz (my classmate) to joined together with me.. Without wasting a lot of time, they agreed with me to have outing!! Ouch very great.. I have friends for help me to make choice for buy some present for my family.. On 4pm we were arrived at Nilai Square.. Then we started to survey the necessary things!! Finally i got a shop to buy everything.. Where is it?? That's Gulati's.. A famous company of cloth.. Then i bought a lot of woof.. That's for my beloved mum, sisters and brothers.. Now i'm happy because i can bring something for each of them.. Hopefully they will like what i was choose for them.. Ehehe even this is not very expensive, but this is the sincere present from me.. We transferred from Gulati's to Tesco on 6pm.. OMG it's late for me.. I not yet for pray Asar.. Then i prayed at Tesco mosque =).. Hamdallah... We were also prayed Maghrib too at Tesco mosque..

After prayed it's time for having eat.. I didn't took any food from early morning.. So this is the great time for me to having big eat.. Hahaha.. As usual, where i will having eat?? Surely at??

i really love it =)..

now i'm happy!!! impatient to back Sabah!!

The great moment with both of good friend in my class.. Thanks a lot my dear friends!!

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal...

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