"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Question : 
Think of a new type of self-service technology. What are the benefits of this technology? What are the disadvantages or problems?

Answer :
Self-service technology is a common service are provided by the companies at this time. It's useful for everyone. As far, this kind of service have advantages and disadvantages. For example of self-service technology is ATM machine, operator service, online catalog, online booking service, kiosk service, book drop service and etc. These services give us a lot of advantages. As an example, it benefit is, you can save a lot of time. From these services, you can go through to the machine and settle of your business in a short time. Apart from that, these services also not ask you to have long queue. For example, if you want to ask about your current bill statement of phone, you can directly call to the operator service and asking the latest bill. It's make you easier. Compare if there is no operator service, you need to have long queue just for asking the small thing. That's waste a lot of your time. In addition to, through the self-service technology, you can make comparison by own without fluency from anyone. Such as if you want to buy a online product, you can make your own decision. You can choose the best one for yourself. This is avoid you getting lie from others. However, besides the advantages, these services also have their own weaknesses. These service can save a lot of your time and can waste a lot of your time. How? Clearly from us to see the weakness is, from the operator service. Sometimes, if you call the operator service, they often transfer you calling from one part to one part. You need to wait long time to have transferred to another part. So it's waste your time. If you meet by face to face, you can directly meet the person who's incharge the service. In addition too, the disadvantage of the self-service technology is, sometime you getting stuck. It's usually happen in kiosk machine and ATM machine. Sometime if you make money draw, the machine can't to work properly. Maybe your bank card can't to out from the machine. That is clearly the disadvantage of a machine. So from that, you need to make call and spend a lot of time to get settle of your problem. The disadvantage also is, misunderstanding. How it's can be happen? It's maybe through online order. Sometimes if you order a product, perhaps you get another product. This is because of wrong labeling from the company when they published advertisement of a product and cereless from the workers. Might be too, the product explanation in catalog not same as the real product. So that product will be out from our expectation. If you get product out from your expectation, you will not satisfy with it. So it's really hard for you to accept it. In a nutshell, self-service technology try to bring us become light life. Each of company must always improve their service to make customers satisfy. The customers also need to give feedback to each of company on which way they can improve their service.

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