"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Monday, October 8, 2012


Which social networking sites are popular with your friends? Are they popular because of any of the reasons mentioned in Reading 1? If yes, which reasons? 
Nowadays, the most popular social network site between my friends and I is Facebook. It is popular because of some reasons which was mentioned in Reading 1 such as, by Facebook you can always connected with friends through chat, comments and instant messaging. From here you may know what your friends are doing. Facebook also can share your photograph and you can join the groups with others who share their interests with you.

Do you think social networking sites are a good way to communicate with friends? Why or why not? 
In my personal opinion, social networking sites sometimes be a good way to communicate with others but sometimes not. It's good for you to get know a new friends. You can easy get their personal information such as their birthday, where they come from, education or job and etc. It easy and make you feel comfort to connect with them. Furthermore, for serious situation, I think Facebook is not suitable medium to be as good way to communicate. For example in discussion, you can't use Facebook to do it. It is because the information given through the Facebook very limited. Sometimes too, the means of what you talking about not reach to the real mean. The understanding way of each person are different. So if you discussion be on face to face, you can give explanation more until others can understand you.

Think of popular trend in technology. What is it? Are you part of that trend? Why and why not?
Popular trend in technology is the development of technology which is most popular to use by the people all around. As an example is Facebook which reach to highest users of this time. Surely, i'm is a part of that trend.  I use it because to always keep in touch with all of my friends. In addition to, I interested to have a Facebook account because I want to get friends from all around the world. Using Facebook too make me easy to get any information about my studies, programme, personal information and ideas. Facebook give benefits for me.

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smileyeisha said...

you did 3 questions? that's a WOW! choose only one la...hardworking! good good! ^^