"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Thursday, October 25, 2012


What are some of the advantages of buying new things instead of fixing old things? Discuss different items and the advantages of buying the items new.

Nowadays, in my personal opinion, buying of new things is better then fixing old things. Why? Because new things will be provided in current technology development. There is some of the advantages for buying new things such as, lower price. Rises of the users make the company sell a thing with a lower price. This is because to make their product become higher rate in selling. Compare it if you try to fixing old thing. Fixing old thing need you to prepare a lot of new part before the process occur. So why you should spend higher cost if nowadays have new technology with lower price right? Secondly, buying new things save a lot of your time. This is because, you just go to the shop and get it. It is easy as how as you want. If you just fixing old thing, you need to sit for a long time to repairing it. In addition too, if you send it to the shop for repairing, you need give them duration maybe in week or month. This shows you spend a lot of time for waiting it. Thirdly, most people says if a thing get broken, it will can’t to work properly as before. As for me, that’s why I suggest for having a new one. Fourthly, new things bring new features. As we now, newest technology will introduce new features. We can see it clearly in development of telephone and computer. One time ago, both of it present the basic function only. But today, it comes with a lot of new features. As an example a phone. Before 2000, it’s present a basic function. We can make call and short messaging only. Today it present with new features such as 3G, cameras with higher megapixels, media player, multimedia message, and many more. It is also same for the new cloth. New cloth is better then old cloth. Why? This is because new cloth present the new style. Which is the current trend using by the people all around. If you try to fixing old cloth, it will look fun and unsuitable. Maybe from the color or the design. At this moment, it easy for you to get new trend of cloth by spending lower cost. New trend will looks more attractive and interesting then the old trend. In a nutshell, buying of the new things is better then fixing old things. But it doesn't mean everything you don’t need to repair. It depends on what situation you are. As a thing will perform well through fixing, then go ahead. But if not, just get a new one.

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