"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Monday, October 8, 2012


My dear readers, at the calmness of this night, I would like to share something with you. What it is about? It is about colours. My I choose this topic to be share with all of you?? Because colours play main role in our daily life. Colours always express what you are.In my sharing tonight, I don't wish to explain the characteristic of each colours. Maybe I will share it to you after I make an investigation of it!!! Huhuhu maybe around 10 years more.. After I be a investigator.. First and foremost, this night I wish to share the colours that express me more. I choose GREEN and RED to express my self attitude.. I choose both of this colours because it shows between the aggressive and cool. Red symbol of aggressive attitude show more for the strength. For green, it is symbol for more cool attitude. The combination both of this colours can produce great attitude. I think too, the combination of these colours look attractive and unique.

Firstly, red colour it shows more on strength and aggressive attitude. Firstly, red colour express someone that have a strong standpoint. People express their life as red colours will not easy to change their own opinion. Even in any situation, they always still with their standpoint. Secondly, it express the punctuality. Red colour always look sharp. The value of punctuality express from red. The evidence, you can see the service company which use red colour. They always give service on time. However, sometime we can't avoid from late but you need to maintain as you can. Thirdly, red also express the confidence level of what you are. Personally, when I wear red cloth, I feel more convenience. 

However, green colour express more to cool attitude. I choose this colour because it have universal meaning.
When I was in year 6 at primary school, our headmistress had told me, one way to release you stress or tension by look at green colour. For example, trees and plants. It will attract you mind again to become nature. Clearly, green colour can reduce level of your stress. Almost all around us is green colour. Nature colour show us as a person that very responsible, amicable and cheerful.

In nutshell, it's combination is harmony :


smileyeisha said...

now i know why on wedding sometimes people are having the opposite combinations...the word is HARMONY! me like it! ^^

Pencetus Generasi Gemilang said...

ehehe combination make it look perfect... without combination, we will easy get bored :)..