"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

"Hidup Memerlukan Seribu Pengorbanan"

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hamdallah thanks to ALLAH with blessing and ni'mah.. Just a simple sharing for tonight.. It's about my great and happy day.. Which day?? That is Yesterday (Saturday 29/09/2012).. Why?? Because yesterday i thought the special day in my life since i come back to here (peninsular).. I was joined a programme at Dar al-Hikmah College.. My previous place of study.. It was very enjoyable day.. After a long time i miss to be there, finally i arrived there.. I put a hope in my heart to be there since the past year on 2011.. Finally this month i could reached there!!! I feel just in dreamed day.. I really miss to have class there, through study session, discussion, joining activities, the lectures, students and all of the aspect there.. I was joined a programme about "KEMBARA ILMU".. Which this programme was held by the management of Dar al-Hikmah College collaboration with Karang Kraf Publisher.. This programme was attend by the popular persons such as Ustaz Amin (moderator of ASSALAMUALAIKUM programme on TV AL-HIJRAH), Imam Muda Azhar, Artists (Diana Amir & Farah Asyikin) and a few of motivator programme (Ustaz Anwar - writer of Karang Kraf Publisher).. Is it the popular persons make me happy joined the programme?? Surely my answer NOT!!! Met with lectures, friends, environment there, and etc gave me felt very happy.. Just want to share my experienced when i was in my journey yesterday.. I moved from USIM at 9.30 a.m.. I went with my friend.. He was study there too.. During my journey, there was a lot of thing plays in my mind.. How i will start my conversation there, how they will attend me.. We was arrived there on 10 a.m if i not mistaken.. Ehehehe.. When i saw my ex-college at the outer sight, it make me very impatient to meet everyone there.. Hamdallah with a calm step, i started out from the car..  Few of them (students) shocked when looked at me.. But few of them know i'm studying now at USIM.. So it's not amaze thing for them.. Hamdallah this is one of ni'mah ALLAH gave me yesterday to met all of them again.. I met lectures there.. I shake hand with them (P/B : male lecture only).. Then they hugged me.. I conversed and shared my life now with them.. Conclude shared with the staffs.. That is very valuable moment i have since i leave the college.. Yesterday i'm very affected with them.. I felt on how they appreciate me as their student.. I felt too how they very cares with me.. I don't know on how i can explain through the words and sentences.. Because sometimes the great feelings you feel it but u can't to share fully in words or sentences..  My day yesterday fully in great feelings.. I feel very convenience be there.. Hopefully after this i still can often to be there.. If i give a chance to study there in highest qualification, might be i'll make it my choice.. But I know, ALLAH gives me different way to make me study a lot of new things..



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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hamdallah today still in healthy and ni'mah of imann.. Just simple sharing for today.. Actually today i really happy even i get really tired.. Ehehehe.. Finally my group got finish the assignment of Malaysian Legal System.. Now i feel a little bit convenience and free.. Even its really hard for us, but we still do it as well as we can.. Finally it brings biggest mean for my group.. Thank a lot for the co-operation from each of you.. Thank Radhi, Amir and Hafiz.. Tonight our operation of assignments will be continue.. InsyaALLAH we will try to discuss and get finish for  Madkhal Ila Fiqh Wa al-Fatawa and English Language.. For tomorrow, the time for Arabic Language.. It's a great group... Kekekeke.. Very quick to do everything.. Hahaha.. InsyaALLAH this will be the strength for us to get success this semester.. Prove it to everyone that we can do better then the others :).. Nothing is impossible to get.. If u want to get success, put the good effort of it.. Now i can start smile with free from the mind shrubs..

NoW SeT iN YoUr MiNd To GeT SuCcEsS...

 Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
Abraham Lincoln